At long last – the new look is here!

After months of procrastination on my part I decided the blog was looking a little tired & I needed to find a designer/developer to give the site a whole new look and feel. Through a good friend, I was referred to Catie Hughes @ Loudcow. Catie in her patient and professional way worked with me to relaunch with a more functional & readable blog and site. I can’t praise her enough. So if you want a friendly, great and highly talented designer/developer/marketing/communications specialist – Catie is your woman!

How often will I blog? At this stage I’m committing to once a week on a Wednesday. When I first started blogging a couple of years ago I did it 3 times a week for many months, then moved down to twice a week. I found at the time it became somewhat of a chore rather than something that was fresh & valuable.

So to put us in the mood take a look at a funny & entertaining video courtesy of those crazy guys @ PwC in the UK. I love it when professional advisors be they accountants, lawyers, consultants or even auditors show their human side 🙂 Enjoy.

See you on Wednesday!

Keep well,

James E