A bad adviser

As mentioned in the last post I wanted to share with you two real life examples of an indifferent adviser and empathetic adviser. They come from my own experience.

This post is about an adviser who was (and maybe still is) indifferent.

A while ago I was in a meeting with a top ten accounting firm. The purpose of the meeting was for me to introduce a friend of mine who needed some specialist advice regarding an upcoming transaction.

My friend & I were on one side of the table; two partners on the other side. Lets call them B1 and B2.

B1 was engaging and attentive to my friend and the concerns of his business. He was a good listener and asked the right questions. But let’s not focus on him since this post is about indifference not empathy.

B2, to his credit, seemed to be very interested for the first ten minutes of the meeting and then for some reason “turned off” for the remainder. In the following forty or so minutes he looked at his Blackberry about 10 times and sent at least 3 emails or txts during the meeting. He asked a few questions but gave the impression that he was too important for such a “small” client.

B2 is an absolute expert in his field and commands  high fees for his services. However, in spite of his technical prowess he didn’t get the assignment. I was so disappointed by B2’s attitude and behavior in the meeting that I spoke to his boss about it. The boss agreed and had a discreet chat with B2. I hope for B2’s sake he changes how he views and treats people.   I think my friend said it best soon after we left the meeting… “what a w_ _ _ _ _ !”

What more can I say?

Please tune in to the next post and read about an adviser that shows empathy. A real study in contrasts!

Keep well,

James E