A good adviser

Now we turn our attention to a good adviser.

One of the CFOs I interviewed last year in my book, “What do Accounting Clients Really Want?” gave the most wonderful & impressive answer to one of my questions. The response is about her experience with a good adviser.

The question I asked was …Tell me about a time when you received the best service from an accounting firm. What made it the best? How did it make you feel?

It was in my last CFO role. I didn’t like the firm but I really liked the tax adviser. This individual just stood out. He was extremely good at what he did. He’d taken on some of the big firms who had provided (in his view) poor advice for some clients and had actually won. However, what made him so spectacular for us was the level of dedication to our business. It was as if we were his only client, even though we knew we weren’t. He was committed to us. He communicated in a way that we understood.
As soon as we had a need, he was there to meet it. The level of service he provided was outstanding. Although he was in a firm that was providing us a service, he always seemed to position himself as if he was part of our business and showed that he cared. I saw that for the other clients he serviced as well. There’s a big distinction about how you make your client feel if you come in and you have a care factor showing, “I’m part of this business”, as opposed to, “I’m a service provider and I know it all – here is my advice”.
As a CFO for this business I felt supported and important. We paid him a small fortune and he was so well worth it. We definitely got our value-add!

How cool is that!

See you next post.

James E