Are you an accountant that waits for the phone to ring?

Last week I was talking to a bunch of accountants who either ran or were employed by small firms. I get a kick out of meeting accountants and having the opportunity to get to know them and better understand their views on serving clients both big & small.

One of the ice breakers I use when speaking to small groups is to go around the room and ask for people to share three things. 1. Their name, 2. How long they have been in professional practice, and 3. One unusual feature of their practice.

The first two questions usually bring standard answers. However, the third question generates some very interesting and often insightful responses. One chap I asked had the following answer to question 3. “James … We call our client filing areas by first names – Trevor, Brendan, Florence etc… Each name represents a different type of filing area dependent on points in the client work flow.” I asked this chap why the names. He replied, “It’s much easier to say to each other ‘take this file to Trevor’, ‘Brendan has that file’ and so on. Of course they just have to make sure they don’t employ anyone in the future with the sane first names!

The insights of the above response I came away with was that this firm had a sense of fun, friendliness and didn’t take themselves too seriously. That being said – I got the impression that they are very professional in the work they do.

On the other end of the spectrum there was a gentlemen who in response to question 3 said the following, “I never phone a client. They always phone me for my help” With complete respect to the chap who made this statement, I think the sentiment behind it is rather poor and self-serving. One of the big themes of this blog, the book I authored & the speaking I’ve done over the last year is that clients want their accountants to be proactive. Unfortunately the above chap doesn’t fit into what most clients in the market want.

I hope you fall into the proactive group rather than the other bunch.

See you next post,

James E