Are you an accountant who can sell?

It might sound harsh but most accountants that I meet are no good at selling themselves or the services they/their firm provides. Its not because they aren’t intelligent or capable – far from it. Why is this the case?

I think there are two reasons accountants aren’t proficient at selling. Firstly, they aren’t trained specifically in the areas of business development & selling. Secondly, a lot of accountants believe it is beneath them. How sad!

Earlier this week I was in a meeting with the MD of a small to medium business (annual revenue around $12m) and he specifically told me that he believes that not only accountants, but all professional services people & firms, aren’t really any good at looking beyond their immediate assignment/project. Or put another way they don’t tell clients and potential clients what else they can do for them, that is sell.

A few weeks ago a good friend of mine told me about a simple sales methodology called the Gaddie Pitch. I’m not going to pretend that I can do justice to the Gaddie Pitch by trying to summarise it. So read it for yourself at the Anthill magazine link below. I’ve been using this technique now for the last week or so and it is great and most importantly … works if you let it 🙂

See you next post.

James E