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Do you stand out on LinkedIn?

Last night I had the pleasure of presenting on the above topic to a group of UTS Alumnus. I faced the unenviable task of squeezing a one day workshop into a little less than an hour. The gathered group were most patient with me! There were three big things I wanted to get across last […]

Are you trustworthy?

Recently I was watching a TED video. If you’re not familiar with TED you’re missing out. TED is a not-for-profit group running a series of live and online events with the purpose of providing a forum to ideas worth spreading. TED has been in operation since 1984. TED conferences bring together the world’s most fascinating […]

Are you able to have a conversation?

Are you an accountant that can easily have a conversation with anyone? I hope for your own sake that you are. In working with accounting firms and individual professionals for many years, I have been somewhat surprised to learn a few things about Partners and staff. The one thing that I have uncovered  is that […]

What if Einstein was an accountant?

Come on – admit it. Einstein the accountant? – that would be one interesting situation. What if Einstein was an accountant rather than a physicist? Would the accounting profession be different than it is today? In my humble opinion the profession would be different for one very important reason. Einstein was smart enough to realise […]

Good invoices equates to good business

The other week I had an electrician come to my house to do some basic maintenance work. Nothing major, just a couple of hours of fixing some light fittings and changing the position of a few power points. I’ve used this chap several times before and have always considered him to be professional and a […]

Are you getting the small things right?

Just for a moment forget about the big strategies, the fancy marketing campaign and the impressive training & development programs you have planned for 2015.  How are you doing at the small things? Here is a checklist you might like to use so you don’t forget the small things. That aren’t in any specific order […]

At long last – the new look is here!

After months of procrastination on my part I decided the blog was looking a little tired & I needed to find a designer/developer to give the site a whole new look and feel. Through a good friend, I was referred to Catie Hughes @ Loudcow. Catie in her patient and professional way worked with me […]

A break for Christmas

Hi everyone, That time of year is here again. I’ll start to post again in the week beginning 7 January 2013. To all my wonderful readers – have a blessed Christmas & a great New Year! All my very best, James E

Are you an accountant who can talk simply? (1 of 3)

What are the hallmarks that make a professional services provider like an accountant be an effective communicator? As I see it there are 3. The first hallmark is simplicity. Have you ever been in a presentation or a meeting when someone insists on using long & complex words and phrases rather than simple and plain language? […]

Are you a trusted accountant?

I was doing research on a book project the other day and came across a most interesting article on the web. Although it was originally published in April last year – its lessons are still pertinent. It talks about the position of trust that accountants have in the business community as well as some other professions. The […]