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Marketing tips for accountants (3 of 3)

Here is the last installment of this 3 post series on marketing tips by Harry Kafka @ HDK Consultants. How do you get prospects interested in changing over to your accounting services? Let me dispense of a myth first: You don’t make a difference by using superlatives about your own skills and superiority. See. EVERYONE does […]

Marketing tips for accountants (2 of 3)

Following on from the last post, here is a continuation of the article by Harry Kafka @ HDK Consultants. WHY THEY DON’T CHANGE ACCOUNTANTS? As things stand, the “negative ignorance” out there about accounting ensures that business owners do NOT CHANGE accountants easily. Let’s compare it to a car and the difference becomes evident. Everyone […]

Marketing tips for accountants (1 of 3)

I was doing some research on the web a while back  and came across some excellent material put out by a group called HDK Consultants in the UK. Here is what I found – its is definitely a worthwhile read! “I was a CFO at a software company, moved back into public practice which I […]

Accountants – don’t judge a book by it’s cover!

Cliche’s are cliches because they are often true. This is certainly the case with the old saying “you can’t judge a book by it’s cover” Many years ago I knew about a local businessman who over the course of 30+ years had built up a very successful waste management business specialising in sewerage and grease traps. […]

Are accountants boring?

When the word accountant is uttered at a dinner party it is usually followed by glassy eyes and the sincere attempt to repress a yawn by everyone in attendance. To many accountant = boring. Here is an article from our friends @ Monty Python as to why accounting and accountancy is not boring: First let […]

Accountants = idea generators?

Sorry everyone – didn’t blog last week! So here we go … A while ago I was having lunch with a client of mine who had recently joined a 2nd-tier accounting firm having left one of the Big 4 for greener pastures. During the lunch my client told me about an exercise his old firm […]