Can you connect dots?

Earlier in the year I met with a CFO of a large retail business. I was interviewing her for the book I’m currently working on and we had a great and wide-ranging conversation over a couple of hours. During our chat we discovered that we had a mutual friend – a partner in a top 10 accounting firm. She had relayed to me that this chap had been particularly helpful to her on and off over many years during her career. To protect the innocent lets call this partner, Ricardo.

Now the CFO had been at her present company for a couple of years and had not connected with Ricardo since starting in her current role. So I asked the CFO may I mention her to Ricardo and she was happy for me to make the “re-introduction.”

The next day I was meeting with one of the senior staff in Ricardo’s firm and told him about my session with the CFO. He, like me, thought it would be a great opportunity and to make sure I followed up with Ricardo.

Later that same day I emailed Ricardo and told him it would be a great idea to re-acquaint himself with the CFO and her new firm. Furthermore, I could give him a heads up on what they were doing and some possible avenues for potential new advisory work.

I know that Ricardo is a busy guy so I thought it might be a day or two before he got back to me. I waited a week, then another and then another. It has been seven weeks since that email and no reply or phone call.

Hmmm … I’m not offended in any way that Ricardo didn’t get back to me. I just think it is stupid and lazy. Here was an opportunity to re-energize a relationship with a CFO of an organisation with a revenue of $200m+ and win some more work.

Who knows maybe he just didn’t know how to connect the dots! 🙂

See you next time,

James E