At long last – the new look is here!

After months of procrastination on my part I decided the blog was looking a little tired & I needed to find a designer/developer to give the site a whole new look and feel. Through a good friend, I was referred to Catie Hughes @ Loudcow. Catie in her patient and professional way worked with me to relaunch with a more functional & readable blog and site. I can’t praise her enough. So if you want a friendly, great and highly talented designer/developer/marketing/communications specialist – Catie is your woman!

How often will I blog? At this stage I’m committing to once a week on a Wednesday. When I first started blogging a couple of years ago I did it 3 times a week for many months, then moved down to twice a week. I found at the time it became somewhat of a chore rather than something that was fresh & valuable.

So to put us in the mood take a look at a funny & entertaining video courtesy of those crazy guys @ PwC in the UK. I love it when professional advisors be they accountants, lawyers, consultants or even auditors show their human side 🙂 Enjoy.

See you on Wednesday!

Keep well,

James E



An announcement

Hi everyone,

Life is getting way too busy over the last few months so I’ve come to a decision. Rather than blogging 3 times a week I’m going to reduce it to twice a week. I’m doing this for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I’d rather do less and increase the quality. Secondly, you may have noticed that over the last several weeks I’ve been missing a post here and there. I’d much rather say that I’m going to do less (i.e. twice a week) and stick to that rather than say I’m going to do more and not be consistent! I hope you understand 🙂

So from today I’ll be posting – every Monday & Thursday (Australian time).

In my last post I mentioned that I wanted to unpack the two big trends which make the whole compliance market not what it used to be. These trends are:

  1. The acceptance of the “cloud” by many businesses including government departments and the big end of town.
  2. The surge in the use of outsourced services as indicated by the popularity of sites such as odesk, elance & freelancer. These sites have a created a global market for anyone to buy services ranging from bookkeeping up to network administration.
To do the above justice – I’ll start unpacking these over the next two posts.
All my best,
James E