What do the CEOs and MDs Really Want from Accountants & others

I’ve been working on a new book the  few weeks titled “What do the Bosses Really Want?” the subtitle of which is: conversations with CEO’s, MD’s & Business Owners about what they really want from accountants, lawyers, consultants and others who sell them advice. 

The premise of the book is quite simple. When someone reaches the exalted station in their working or business life called CEO,  Managing Director and/or business owner they suddenly appear on all manner of marketing lists, databases & radars. Then the inevitable happens – they are inundated by people who want to sell something – them products and/or services. A good chunk of this selling frenzy is committed to the provision of advice; advice to help these important people better operate, grow and on occasion exit their business.

I’m in the early stages of interviewing the no.1s in all manner of businesses and industries from ball bearing distribution to ice cream manufacture to event management and everything else in between but already there have been some interesting red flags being waved.

Only yesterday I was meeting with the CEO & co-owner of a gourmet food producer. The business employs around 25 people and has been in business for more than 20 years. I was interviewing this chap for the above book and was again reminded just how much professionals like accountants fall into the same old traps time and time and time again. As a person who has worked with the accounting profession for more years than I care to remember it frustrates the absolute heck out of me!

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See you next time,

James E