Don’t forget to thank people

Recently, I was in a hotel cafe meeting with someone for coffee. A big part of my job as a headhunter is to meet with various people in cafes, hotels and the like and have a chat about career, business & life.

After saying good-bye to the person I was meeting with I went to the counter to settle the bill. After signing the various bits of paper, I got my gear together and started to walk out the main entrance to the cafe and noticed out of the corner of my eye, an old client of mine that I keep in broad touch with. Lets call him Clint.

A few months ago Clint had asked me for some introductions to potential clients for a new consulting business he had started with a friend. Back in November I sent some emails to a few specific contacts of mine introducing Clint to them and saying that he would be in touch with them shortly. I wanted to help Clint out so I made sure the introduction was done professionally and well. Usually I would prefer a face-to-face meeting to arrange the introduction, but given the time of year (it was November and the Christmas rush was already starting to bite) a “virtual” introduction via email was the way to go.

The email was sent. Client sent back a quick reply to say thank you for the intros and we went on our merry ways.

Bumping into Clint the other day, he mentioned to me that one of the people I had introduced to him had been great and was proving to be a very fruitful business relationship. Clint then said something like, ”Wow James I owe you a lunch or something for introducing me to Phil” I politely replied that there was no need for that, encouraged him that we should keep in touch and said good bye.

At the time I thought “that was good for Clint”, but since reflecting on it since I became annoyed and a little taken for granted. If I had not unexpectedly bumped into Clint that day then I may not have known that the chap I had introduced to him 5 months earlier was a great source of help.  Am I being overly sensitive to want some appreciation for what I did for Clint? Maybe … maybe not.

As professionals we need to be treating people that help us build our business in a way that fosters respect and appreciation.

What do you think?

All my best,

James E