How to get clients (2 of 4)

Let me say right up front – I’m not an accountant. My professional training is in the areas of economics, education & management. That being said I’ve been a keen observer of individual professional accountants, accounting firms (big and small) and their clients for many, many years.

The best way to get more clients is to think like a client. If I put on my “client hat” then I want 3 “things” from my accountant. Today’s post will talk about 1 of these, the next 2 posts will talk about the remaining things not just that I want, but the majority of business clients and owners out there want and need.

Leaving to one side the legal/regulatory need for businesses to comply – e.g. tax returns, audits and the like clients want their accountants to help them MAKE MONEY.

It is well understood that accountants, throughout the developed world, (usually) enjoy having a strong & trusted relationship with their business clients. Consequently, it will be safe to assume that the accountant has an intimate knowledge of the internal workings of their clients. In fact I have friends in the accounting profession that know their client’s businesses better than the owners of the business!

What a wonderful opportunity then to come up with ideas that can help your business clients identify new markets, explore different product or service development, uncover ways to more efficiently deliver outcomes to their customers or any one of dozens of ways to come up with avenues to help your client make more money.

Who better to help businesses come up with ways to make more money than you?

See you next post,

James E.