The other week I was meeting someone in their offices in an outer Sydney suburb and was surprised (to say the very least) a prominent sign posted in the entry way to their foyer.

We are a organisation that is professional and proud of what we do.

If you want to do business with <inset their brand name here> we expect
you to be dressed appropriately. If you are not wearing a neck tie, one will
be provided to you at reception. Thank you.

During the course of my working life I have been in thousands of office buildings. This is the only time I’ve seen such a sign.

The person in the above organisation I was meeting with told me that the owner of the business was an elderly gentlemen who for reasons of proprietary and respect refused to meet anyone (including his own male staff) who was not wearing a tie.

At first I just put this down to the owner being old fashioned and perhaps a little eccentric. However, on further reflection, I changed my mind and decided that he has ever right to insist that everyone he deals with in his business should dress and behave according to the values and standards of his organisation.

As an adviser to your business clients I think it is crucial to be understanding of those elements like speech, dress & demeanor if you are going to build a strong and lasting relationship with your clients and start to build bridges to prospective clients.

See you next time,

James E