Should accountants eat lunch? (1 of 2)

Last week I presented at a conference of small accounting firms gathered from all around Australia. I was asked by the conference organisers to give a talk on my pet subject of “What do Accounting Clients Really Want?” Although I was only needed to speak at the main dinner on the Tuesday evening I decided to attend all 3 days. I’m glad I did. I always enjoy the opportunity to meet new people and listen to their stories.

At breakfast on one of days I met a chap whom I’ll call “Ron” (not his real name of course). Over our meal I asked Ron about himself. He shared with me his background and family details and then moved on to tell me about his business. Ron is a partner in a small accounting firm with about 20 staff in Adelaide, capital city of a state called South Australia (since most readers of this blog come from outside Australia!) He told me a story about a client experience which I just have to pass on to you.

Ron, through a referral of one his long-time clients, won a new client. After the initial meeting to sort out what the new client’s needs were, Ron indicated to the other gentleman that he will be in touch down the track to meet again, talk through business and get to know him better. Let’s call this new client “Jim”.

A little less than 3 months later Ron contacted Jim and arranged to meet over lunch. They set a date, time and a place. At the lunch, Jim couldn’t help himself and told Ron exactly what he was thinking.

“I have to be honest here Ron. When you said at that first meeting that we’ll get together over lunch, talk some business and get to know each other I thought it was one of those empty & passing  lines people use all the time.”

Tune into the next post to hear what Jim says next. Hopefully you won’t be too surprised! Here is a small hint – 14 years 🙂

See you next post.

James E