Small things count

I had a meeting the other day with a CFO of a manufacturing company. Its a private business with an annual revenue of around $25m and employs about 80 people. Not a huge organisation but still a viable and solid client for any size accounting firm.

The CFO, lets call him John as in John Cleese (one of my favourite actors/comedians), told me that they had changed accounting firms recently. Given the work that I do, I’m always interested in the reasons why clients leave their accountants and use another firm.

When I asked John why the change I expected to hear him say things like lack of the right expertise, constant mistakes and the like. However, he said it was simple – they didn’t return his phone calls or reply to his emails. At first, I thought he was joking, but sadly he wasn’t. John was so angry at the time that he even thought about lodging an official complaint with the Institute of Chartered Accountants. What is even more surprising is that the firm in question wasn’t a 2-3 man shop but rather a CBD-based firm with over 60 staff! Surely it doesn’t take a genius to work out that small things count when it comes to clients.

In the next post I’ll be sharing with you a simple checklist you might like to ask yourself and members of your team every now and then. You might just be reminded of some basic small things that you may have forgotten!

See you next post,

James E