First impressions … so, so important

Several weeks ago I met a chap in a park walking his dog who, after a chat while we were both cleaning up after our dogs, introduced himself as a marketing specialist. Given the environment in which we met neither of us had a business card with us. Since then we have run into each other at least another 3 times. Still no luck – no business card on either side.

Lets call our dog-walking friend Tommy as in Tommy Lee-Jones. I liked Tommy he was friendly, appeared to be enthusiastic and passionate about his discipline and was articulate in the value that he delivered for his clients. He looked (not his dress of course but his manner), sounded and behaved like a real professional.

Just the other day I ran into Tommy again and hazzar! he had a business card on him. He said he was in a rush, gave me the card and sped off.  As Tommy semi-jogged his way with his dog to the other side of the park I look down at the card he gave me. Up to this point I believed Tommy was a seasoned professional, well versed in his discipline and ready to add value to his clients. When I looked at his card my heart just sank.  Here is what I saw …

  • The card was printed on some sort of heavy paper (about 120gsm) the type you get printed at those business card vending machines you see at airports.
  • The design/layout was quite up to the standard of what my 13 year old son can do on MS Publisher.
  • Tommy didn’t have his own domain. So his email address read “” For those of you outside Australia bigpond is our largest isp.
  • No website

I could go on but I think you get the idea. Now a lot of you reading this work with big accounting firms, law firms and consultancies – you’re probably ok but there is always room for improvement. Why not ask a friend or contact outside of your market for a frank opinion of your logo, business card & website? You might just get a surprise.

By the way … Tommy’s area of special expertise and client service offering? Marketing. Oh brother!

All my best,

James E.