The worst question an accountant can ask (1 of 2)

If you’ve been a reader of this blog for any length of time then you’ll know that I have sweated over a book that I’ve been working on for several months titled “What do Accounting Clients Really Want?” which was published by Thomson Reuters back in August.

In the book, in between the chapters of the interviews with accounting firm clients are little vignettes called “a view from the other side” which are the responses of accountants I’ve have met and known over the years. They respond to one of four questions I pose them, one of which is, “What is the best question you have ever asked a client or prospect?”

I asked the above question of three senior accountants, two of which were partners and surprisingly two came up with the same answer: they would ask their client or prospect, “What keeps you awake at night?”

At the time I thought it was a fair enough question to ask since it had been used in sales and business development contexts for many, many years. However, in the last few days I read something that completely changed my mind on the whole subject.

During the last week, I read the blog of well-known and respected management journal that blew my socks off. They claim that the worst possible question a professional could possibly ask of a client or prospective client is I fact “What’s keeping you up at night?”

So who are these people that claim that such a simple question that has been asked countless thousands of times all around the world for the last few decades is not only so completely wrong and but can and will simultaneously prevents sales while also destroying customer loyalty?

Well they must know a thing or two since they were published by no less a journal than the Harvard Business Review. Tune into the next post to find out more!

All my best,

James E