What are you looking for?

Another person I interviewed for the book is Andrew Graham, Managing Director of a boutique project management consultancy. I asked him the question, “If you were to hire a accountant/accounting firm what are the things you look for?” Here is his response. (My words are in italics)

Trust, meeting their intentions and experience, in the same market sector, with a business of our size.

Trust? They aren’t an employee and you in all likelihood will only need to meet with them a handful of times.  Why is trust important to you?

Because that is what we  offer our clients. If we’re going to promote ourselves as a trusted business advisor to our clients, then why would be expect anything less from the people that provide a service to us?

Trusted business advisor is a term that’s been cheapened through overuse in recent years.  It’s easy to say.  However, its difficult to earn that status and but it’s very easy to lose.

I think the term is a signal to the market regarding the intentions of you and your business for my business. What do you genuinely intend out of your relationship with me?  Do I, as a potential client, trust that or not?  If I trust that, then I’m happy for you to provide service to me.  It boils down to whether I genuinely believe the intentions you have in your relationship with me.  If I genuinely believe, of course I’m going to take your advice.  In fact, I’m going to look for it.

How do you gauge whether or not I am genuine in my intent for your business, that I want to add to it rather take away?

I don’t know that you can answer that other than through the way you feel about the relationship you have with the person.  I don’t believe that there is any formula for it, I think it’s whether or not you feel right about the relationship.  Do I trust you or not?  If I don’t trust you, whether or not that’s right or not is irrelevant.  The fact is I don’t trust you.  If I do trust you, equally whether or nor that is right is irrelevant, the fact is I trust you.

Bye for now,

James E.